SCHEDULE of online classes at ZOOM platform for working off missed classes for foreign students (PHARMACOGNOSY AND NUTRITIOLOGY SUBJECTS) Since 17.08.2020 till 30.08.2020

Materials for independent work
Tests КRОК2:

The department of chemistry of natural compounds and nutriciology carries out research on the initiative subjects: “Study of medicinal, agricultural plants, synthesis of natural flavonoid, anthraquinone, cardenolid, coumarin analogues and creation of medicines with various biological action on their basis”. The main research objects are agricultural, fruit and berry plants and new varieties of medicinal plants.

The scientific work of the Department is carried out according to the plan of the “Pharmacy” Problem Commission of MoH and NAMSc of Ukraine, and is a part of the complex scientific work of the National University of Pharmacy  «Pharmacognostic study of the medicinal plant material and working out phytotherapeutical remedies on its basis» (State Registration Number 0114U000946).

The department is occupied with:

– the search of the new sources of medicinal, agricultural, fruit and berry plants, plant material and raw material of animal origin for the complexes of biological active compounds obtaining;

– isolation of individual compounds by the means of physical and chemical methods, determination of their structure;

– chemical synthesis and chemical modification of studied compounds, including complete synthesis and analogue and derivatives synthesis for the purpose of structure confirmation, determination of the connection of the structure with biological activity;

– standardization of the prospective types of plant and animal material, obtained on its basis substances and phytoremedies;

– working out Quality Control Methods for the plant and animal material, as well as phytoremedies;

– scientific and technical expertise of the standard operating procedures for the plant and animal remedies’ industrial production;

– manufacturing application of prospective inventions;

– accomplishment and preparation for the defence of master’s theses in “Pharmacy” speciality full-time, part-time and evening forms of education;

– preparation and presentation of PhD’s and post-doctoral dissertations in speciality 15.00.02 “Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy”.

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