History of the department

In recent years, a number of specialties of the educational direction “Pharmacy”, “Medicine”, “Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology ”,“Economics and Entrepreneurship”, “Management and Administration, Management have been opened at the National University of Pharmacy.
Teaching only classical pharmacognosy is not sufficient in the current conditions of the educational services market. Former rector of the National University of Pharmacy, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, professor Valentin Chernykh reorganized the Department of Pharmacognosy (Order No. 125hp from 04/07/04). As a result, two departments were created: the Chemistry of Natural Compounds (CNC) and Pharmacognosy.
The name of the department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds arose by chance. Such departments have existed for a long time in higher educational institutions of the former USSR: at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg University (Russia) and N. Ulugbek National University (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

The team of the new department – Chemistry of Natural Compounds was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Victoria Kyslychenko.

Department Heads:
Since 2004 – V.S. Kyslychenko, professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine.
Under the guidance of prof. V.S. Kyslychenko, the department is developing a scientific direction – the search for new sources of medicinal, agricultural and fruit plants, plant materials and animal raw materials to obtain complexes of biologically active compounds; the isolation in an individual state of compounds with physical, physical-chemical and chemical methods, the establishment of their structure; chemical synthesis and chemical modification of the compounds, including complete synthesis, the synthesis of analogues and derivatives in order to confirm the structure, to establish the relationship of the structure with their biological effect; standardization of plant and animal raw materials, derived substances and herbal remedies; development of quality control methods for medicinal plant and animal raw materials and herbal remedies; scientific and technical examination of technological regulations for the industrial production of preparations of plant and animal origin; introduction of scientific developments in industrial production.
She prepared 6 doctors and 32 candidates of sciences in the specialty 15.00.02 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, created a scientific school of pharmacognost of National University of Pharmacy. Her students (doctors of sciences) have already prepared 1 doctor and 10 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences. Under the guidance of prof. V.S. Kyslychenko holds 2 doctoral and 5 master’s theses. Author and so-author of 4 textbooks, 14 manuals, 3 reference books, 3 monographs, more than 50 methodological recommendations, a number of work programs, more than 1200 scientific publications, 4 copyright certificates and 70 patents of Ukraine and Russia.

Teaching staff:
20042004 20052005 2007 2014

The present department
– 17 employees, including 6 doctors of sciences – 5 professors and 1 assistant professor; 5 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 5 candidates of sciences, assistants; 2 senior laboratory assistants.
Over the years, in the department has worked:
Pavliy A. I. (2004-2017), Nescheret E. I. (2004-2017), Koshovyy O. M. (2004-2013), Bukharina E. V. (2004-2017), Dyakonova Y. V. (2005-2018), Kovalev S. V. (2004 -2007), Stepanova S. I. (2004-2012), Demeshko O. V. (2004-2005) Guryeva (Zinchenko) I. G. (2010-2019), Timofeeva S. V. (2015-2018).
The department today:
Kyslychenko V. S. (since 2004), Zhuravel I. O. (since 2004), Komissarenko A. M. (since 2004), Khvorost O. P. (since 2013), Lenchyk (Upyr) L. V. (since 2004), Burda N. E. (since 2009) , Korol V. V. (since 2004), Omelchenko Z. I. (since 2004), Novosel E. M. (since 2004), Kuznetsova V. Yu.(since 2004), Velma V. V. (since 2005), Popik A. I. (since 2008), Skrebtsova (Musienko) K. S. (since 2010) Tartynskaya A. S. (since 2008), Horiacha L. M. (since 2016), Protskaya V. V. (since 2015), Iosipenko E. O. (since 2015), Skora I. V. (since 2019).
In 2019, the department received a winner’s diploma in the nomination “BEST Department of the National University of Pharmacy” top 10 and occupies the 9th rating position.
Since March 2020, the first round of the All-Ukrainian Pharmacognosy Olympiad has been held.
On March 11, 2020, the second On-line conference “Modern achievements of pharmaceutical science in the creation and standardization of medicines and dietary supplements containing components of natural origin” was held. The conference was attended by 289 participants from 42 universities in 7 countries.

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